/Official Trailer: Bully (2001)

Official Trailer: Bully (2001)

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(Based on a true story). Naive teenagers plot to murder one of their own, who has been too much of a bully to them.

Genre: Crime | Drama

Directed by,
Larry Clark

Produced by,
Don Murphy
Chris Hanley
Fernando Sulichin

Screenplay by,
Zachary Long
Roger Pullis

Based on Bully: A True Story of High School Revenge by,
Jim Schutze

Brad Renfro
Bijou Phillips
Rachel Miner
Michael Pitt
Kelli Garner
Leo Fitzpatrick
Nick Stahl

Music by,
Joe Poledouris
Jerome Dillon

Steve Gainer

Edited by,
Andrew Hafitz

Production company,
Blacklist Films
Gravity Entertainment
Muse Productions
FilmFour Distributors

Distributed by,
Lions Gate Films

Release dates,
June 15, 2001 (Method Fest)
July 13, 2001 (United States)
November 14, 2001 (London Film Festival)

Running time,
115 minutes

United States


Box office,