/Iran: Voices of the Unheard – Official Trailer

Iran: Voices of the Unheard – Official Trailer

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The untold story of Iranians who struggle against Iran’s oppressive regime, culminating in the global cry for human rights after the June 14th election.

Released on 2009
Directed by: Davoud Geramifard

A thousand kilometers south of Tehran, a nomadic tribe struggles to survive surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of stark Persian desert and mountain landscapes. In Shiraz, an aging revolutionary subverts a system that betrayed the dreams of an entire generation of radicals. And in Tehran, a young intellectual fights the soul-crushing ennui of a daily existence without true freedom. Shot secretly without the permission of the Iranian government, Iran: Voices of the Unheard is a tribute to the lives of those living under the scrutiny of a repressive regime, forever silenced by their elected representatives. The film examines a day in the life of three very distinct groups, all of whom share a sense of alienation and despair, shedding light on the upheavals triggered by the June 2009 elections, and culminating in disturbing footage of those bloody street protests that shocked the world.